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Identifying carers and their needs – Review opportunity

Current carers needed to comment on University of Oxford grant application

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To support carers, people with a caring role and their needs need to be known to services. Feedback on the design and content of a primary care based study is needed for a grant application to the HS&DR programme ( Two or three current carers are sought to review the application. This will involve reading the application and providing feedback over email or the telephone.

Date from

9th April 2019

Date to

3rd May 2019


Health Services Research Unit, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford

The Health Services Research Unit (HSRU) is interested in how patient and carer experience health and care services, and in assessing patient and carer outcomes. HSRU research investigate how patient and carer experience and outcome information can be used to improve the delivery of health and care services. Additionally, the research investigates the perspectives of the professional stakeholders to ensure appropriate delivery of services.


People in Research Identifying carers and their needs (1)



Health services and health delivery


All of England

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Full explanations about support needed will be given. The team lead can be contacted for support at any time. Details in the attachment.


A £20 voucher will be given as a thank you.


Any travel related expenses are covered if you travel to Oxford for meetings.

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