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Breast cancer screening in women at low risk of breast cancer

We are looking for women in their aged 40-49 who have not had breast cancer in Greater Manchester

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It is now possible to work out a women’s risk of getting breast cancer. Based on this it may be possible to change the frequency of breast cancer screening, which is currently done every 3 years in women aged 50-70 who have not got a history of breast cancer.

A focus group on 12th December in Manchester City Centre from 6-8pm is being held for women who have yet to start screening (i.e. are in their forties) and do not any history of breast cancer to discuss a research project in this area.

Date from

29th November 2017

Date to

13th December 2017


Public Programmes Team at the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

A specialist team working in the field of Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement in biomedical research .


Poster_Breast Cancer Screening.pdf





East Midlands

Involvement type:

Designing and managing

What support is offered?

At the meeting there will be a member of the Public Programmes Team facilitating the meeting, who specialises in involving members of the public in research. They will work with you to ensure you feel comfortable in the meeting and can ask any questions before, during or after the meeting.


£40 for 2 hour meeting


Travel expenses within Greater Manchester paid to attend

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