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Calling NHS 111 about COVID-19

We are studying how NHS111 have been advising the public re COVID-19.

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We will listen to 111 calls and identify common caller concerns, and how call-takers manage these.
We are looking for six people from diverse backgrounds to join our advisory panel. The role is open to any patients, parents or carers with experience of calling 111 about COVID between March and June for themselves or someone else. You could help us:
Choose the most important things to include in training for call takers
Plan the best ways to communicate and share our findings

Date from

16th November 2020

Date to

16th January 2021


Universities of Oxford, Bristol and Southampton

A collaboration across 3 institutions from the NIHR School for Primary Care Research.



Health services and health delivery
Infectious diseases
Primary care
Public health


UK wide

Involvement type:

Identifying and prioritising

What support is offered?

In our first session we will overview PPI and the role of lay-contributors in research. We will also include brief training to understand the type of research we do, and how it can be helpful to improve health services research. We aim for all materials to be accessible in plain language.


We will pay each contributor for the equivalent of two half day meetings at INVOLVE recommended rates to reimburse preparation time/reading and remote meeting attendance.


remote, N/A

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