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Cancertain – Optimisation and Validation Study for Personalised Medicine of Lung Cancer

The trial is to develop test for optimised treatment plan for lung cancer.

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Full description:

Our aim is to develop a laboratory protocol that can predict how future patients with lung cancer might respond to an array of chemotherapy agents, before treatment begins. This research is about optimising our Clyz CanCertainTM Assay.
Your role is to review study protocol, patient information leaflet and consent form documentation and provide any suggestions in a face to face meeting.

Date from

11th April 2018

Date to

11th May 2018


Clyz Labs Limited

Clyz Labs Limited was set up by Dr Himanshu Kataria to develop the 3d cell culture based Personalised Medicine test.





UK wide

Involvement type:

All of research

What support is offered?

Being a start up clyz labs is unable to offer direct support but peer support and mentoring would be accessible from NIHR Bodies; and clyz labs will support any such application(s).


£25 for one hour face to face meeting.


clyz labs will organise rail tickets (if needed); Car mileage would be paid at 45p per mile.

Can the work be done from home?


Suitable for a beginner?


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