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Using artificial intelligence to predict the response to Immunotherapy in melanoma patients

Identifying new diagnostic test to select the right melanoma patients for immunotherapy treatment

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Our body’s first-line of defence against foreign invaders is the immune system. Some forms of cancer can trick the immune system into seeing cancer cells as healthy cells. Cancer cells are then free to grow and reproduce. Immunotherapy stimulates the immune system to attack cancer cells. However, immunotherapy does not work for everyone and it is important to select the right patients to avoid side effects. This study will use archived tumour tissue, genetic study and artificial intelligence.
1- Do you think the aim of the project will help melanoma patients?
2- What do you think of using surplus tumour tissue to support research in melanoma?
3- Do you trust artificial intelligence in guiding your treatment?
4- How do you want to be involved; proposal shaping stage, findings dissemination stage, all stages of research?

Date from

1st September 2020

Date to

1st March 2021


Dr Somaia Elsheikh, Nottingham University Hospital Trust

I am a Dermatopathologist specialised in melanoma research. I am using my background and skills to help in providing personalised treatment for melanoma patients treated with immunotherapy.





UK wide

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All of research

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Happy to be contacted with any question


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