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Comparing finger tendon surgeries – patient advisors needed

Have you recently had a cut through both tendons at the base of your finger?

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Our research looks at adult patients with a recent injury at the base of the finger in which both flexor tendons, that help to bend the finger, are cut through. We want to compare two different surgical methods to treat these patients. We will also look at which of these treatments offers the best value for money for the NHS. Patient Advisory Group members are asked to share their personal perspectives to help shape our research project. See attachment for full details.

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22nd July 2022

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22nd September 2022


FLARE trial

The FLARE trial is a collaboration between York Trials Unit at the University of York, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust and South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We will work with approximately 40 NHS hospitals. We will compare two different surgical methods to treat injuries in which both tendons at the base of a finger are cut through. We aim to recruit 310 adult participants.


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All of research

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A designated contact person to arrange the support you need to fulfill the role; information about the trial, information about general research and practical support such as IT and video conferencing use.


Yes, in line with the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) guidelines. These include: £25 for activities that require about 1 hour of involvement and £75 for half day activities.



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