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Complex Fractures Priority Setting Partnership

Can you help us decide the big questions that should be answered by research?

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Full description:

We want to hear from patients, their carers/ relatives and all healthcare professionals who are involved in treating patients with complex fractures to prioritise the top 10 research uncertainties.

We need your help:
1. Submit your research questions at:

2. We seek local Champions to drive patient participation. If you have contact with affected patients in any context, please contact

Date from

15th January 2020

Date to

30th April 2020


James Lind Alliance and Orthopaedic Trauma Society

We are a group of patients, clinicians and researchers who want to help improve the care and quality of life of patients who suffer complex fractures.


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Muscles, joints and bones


UK wide

Involvement type:

Identifying and prioritising

What support is offered?

Facilitation from experienced PPI members at the final workshop


Shopping voucher if attending the final workshop (Late 2020)


If attending the final workshop (Late 2020)

Can the work be done from home?


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