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COPD and Assistive technology research study

How can people with COPD be better supported to live independently with assistive technology?

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Opportunity to join a study team as a public contributor looking to better understand how people with COPD can be supported to live a fulfilling and independent life through the use of assistive technology. Assistive technology are devices developed for people with disability or for those with difficulty in performing everyday routine activities. The devices can be wide-ranging from falls sensor alarms to home adaptations like stair lifts and includes digital technology.

Date from

1st March 2023

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31st May 2023


Queen Mary University of London/COPD and Assistive technology study team

The COPD and Assistive technology study team comprise experts in the field of primary care, public health, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, behavioural science, social science and engineering from The University of Exeter, University of Manchester, King's College London, City University of London and Queen Mary University of London. The team will work to create more opportunities for people with COPD, carers of COPD to access and use assistive technology that is suitable and acceptable


Invite to join COPD and Assistive Technology research study-advisory role 28 Feb 2023



Primary care
Respiratory disorders
Social care


All of England

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All of research

What support is offered?

We will offer any support that you may need in the role.


We will offer £25 voucher for your time and contribution for each meeting (lasting up to an hour). We will offer £15 voucher for reading and providing feedback on study documents (this may take up to 30mins). The feedback can be sent by email or by post.


Travel expenses will be covered, if required for example to attend a face to face meeting

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