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COVID-19 and Black, Asian and ethnic Minority groups

We are a team of researchers from Nottingham. We are seeking your views to help shape our research

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Older people particularly from the Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Black communities are disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

We want to hear your view on:

1. Whether you think research should be done with these groups to improve public health messaging to reduce risk?
2. Your view on how COVID-19 may be affecting long-term health and use of health services?

We would especially like to hear from people who are from BAME backgrounds or people with experience working with BAME groups.

Date from

27th August 2020

Date to

31st December 2020


University of Nottingham

As the number of patients living with chronic and terminal illnesses grows, there is an increasing need to provide excellent supportive and palliative care, particularly for older people, and for extended periods of time prior to and throughout the final stages of illness. Our research focus is not only on illnesses such as cancer, but reaches into traditionally under-served populations and under-researched areas, including dementia, older people, neurological conditions and dying alone.


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Health services and health delivery


UK wide

Involvement type:

Identifying and prioritising

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We are after your view at this early stage of planning




We are seeking a Patient and Public advisory panel for this study for which members will be appropriately reimbursed for their time.

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