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Delayed antibiotic prescribing treatment for people with Respiratory Infections

A New Study to Look at Non-Drug Treatment for People with Respiratory Infections

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Inappropriate use of antibiotics means that bugs are becoming resistant. We need to look at ways to reduce antibiotic prescribing, whilst ensuring antibiotics are given to patients who really need it. We would like to know whether giving patients with a respiratory tract infections (such as sore throat, or common cold) a ‘delayed’ or ‘just in case’ prescription is a safe and effective approach to reduce unnecessary prescribing. We want to hear your views and experiences of delayed antibiotics.

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16th March 2020

Date to

16th July 2020


University of Southampton


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Respiratory disorders


South Central

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We will help you to understand the topic of our research and the research methods we are using. We will send you some study details prior to the meeting to help with this. We will reimburse travel costs and any carer costs. We will pay you for your time when you attend the meeting and any preparation for these.


Payment as per INVOLVE guidelines for 1-2 hour meeting


Travel expenses and any carer costs will be paid

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