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Early markers in breast cancer detection

Volunteers are needed to review patient information for this study

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We are soon to be recruiting two groups of women into a study to find out at what stage markers, known to be a sign of cancer, can be detected in the blood. The first group will include women who have been recalled to Breast Units because of an abnormal mammogram, the second are women with a strong family history of breast cancer. We would like women with some experience of breast cancer to review the patient documents to ensure they are easy to understand and will not cause unnecessary anxiety.

Date from

6th September 2019

Date to

30th September 2019


University of Cambridge

Centre for Cancer Genetic Epidemiology is a research group within the department of Public Health and Primary Care. Our research involves investigating genetic markers for the determinant of ovarian and breast cancers.


The EMBED Study brief summary.docx





UK wide

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Support can be offered over the phone or through email if required.


None but there may be opportunities for further engagement for which payment will be made.


None but as above.

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