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Empowerment and Surveillance for people with dementia: Looking for advisors

For our study we are looking for people living with dementia who want to become involved as advisors

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For our study, we are looking for people living with dementia who want to become involved as advisors. We want to help find ways that people with dementia can keep control of their own lives, contribute more to research and society, and feel empowered.
Do you have personal experience of living with dementia?
Are you familiar with surveillance, trackers or GPS in phones?
Are you interested in sharing your thoughts on this research study?

Yes -You could be an advisor and public representative!

Date from

9th August 2017

Date to

1st February 2019


Interdisciplinary Network for Dementia Using Current Technology (INDUCT)

It is part of the Interdisciplinary Network for Dementia Using Current Technology (INDUCT) and University College London. INDUCT is aimed at developing a multi-disciplinary, inter-sectorial educational research framework for Europe to improve technology and care for people with dementia, and to provide the evidence to show how technology can improve the lives of people with dementia. For more information see http://www.dementiainduct.eu/


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Involvement type:

All of research
Identifying and prioritising
Designing and managing
Evaluating impact

What support is offered?

We will send out documents that explain what we consider to be surveillance and what not. Documents will be jargon free and easy accessible. Training and support needed will be tailored to the situation. Therefore we would like to know what you need so that you can become involved in this study as an advisor. For example, we can change face to face meeting into call or skype sessions if it is to far to travel. Training and support will then be offered in order to have the skype session.


Yes £40 token of appreciation for coming to each meeting (if travel is involved).


Yes if travel is involved

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