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EnTimeMent-UCL Challenging Movements Survey

Online, anonymous survey on everyday movements that people with chronic pain may find challenging

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This is a brief online survey for people with chronic pain.

Your responses will inform the movements that we focus on in our research on the development of technologies that can recognise painful movement and provide tailored music that accompany movement with the aim of addressing pain and related experiences.

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Date from

21st July 2020

Date to

31st December 2020


EnTimeMent research project, University College London (UCL)

We aim to develop what is understood about human movement, build more advanced systems for automatic recognition of painful movement, and explore how sound/music systems that tailor output to both movement and pain-related experiences could be of value to people with chronic pain. This is part of the EU-funded EnTimeMent project aimed at developing new technologies that define movement at different timescales.



Muscles, joints and bones


UK wide

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What support is offered?

Participants can talk in private to the consultant clinical psychology on the research team during/after the survey completion if necessary.





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