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Fighting abdominal cavity infections – patient/public advisory group

Crohn's, colitis, bowel cancer, diverticulitis, or abdominal cavity infection

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When a bowel gets damaged, gut bacteria may leak into the space around it (the abdominal cavity). This can cause serious infections. Our study compares antibiotic treatments that fight these infections. Group members are asked to share their personal perspectives and discuss our plans for recruitment of trial participants, measuring results and sharing our findings. Personal experience with abdominal cavity infections is not needed. We also welcome carers. See attachment for full details.

Date from

12th October 2021

Date to

22nd November 2021


York Trials Unit, University of York

York Trials Unit is a leading centre for the design and analysis of medical trials. We are working with NHS hospitals across England to study the effectiveness of antibiotic treatments to clear up abdominal cavity infections, which affect over 30,000 people per year.


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All of health care


UK wide

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All of research

What support is offered?

Introductory information on the role as a member of the Patient/public Advisory Group. Support and training needed to fulfill the role. A designated contact person for the duration of the trial.


Yes, in line with NIHR guidelines.These include: £25 for activities that require about 1 hour of involvement and £75 for half day activities.



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