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Firefighters reducing falls in the community

How might firefighters reduce older people's falls?

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Firefighters conduct fire safety and other safe and well visits in people’s homes. We want to conduct research on what the impact of this is on older people, the fire service and NHS teams who support people who have had a fall.
Looking for people who have had a firefighter provide either fire safety or other advice to them in their home. OR, someone over the age of 65 who could reflect on the project from a potential user point of view.
Advice and involvement would mostly be online/phone.

Date from

27th September 2018

Date to

27th October 2019


University of Stirling

University of Stirling's dementia and ageing research group






Involvement type:

Designing and managing

What support is offered?

training and support offered by the lead researcher


None for contributing to the design, but if it is funded then there would be remuneration


As above

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Suitable for a beginner?


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