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Opportunity details

The Francis Crick Patient Advisory Panel (PAP)

The Crick is looking to recruit a PAP to support the creation of a public exhibition opening in 2020

Link to organisation:

Full description:

The Crick is looking for PAP members who have experience of cancer.
The role of the panel will be to:

-Feed in the voice of lived experience to the tone and design of the exhibition
-Help the public engagement team to create an exhibition that is sensitive to one of the target audiences
-Support the events team in preparing scientists to talk to members of the public
-Co-design a public film screening event and a platform for visitors to contribute to the exhibition

Date from

5th March 2019

Date to

25th March 2019


WSA Community Consultants

WSA Community Consultants specialises in community development, meaningful participation and social inclusion. We have a strong ethical approach and values, with an emphasis on being inclusive, respectful and accessible.

We provide a high-quality but competitive service with professionalism and integrity.


Crick PAP Detailed Information.pdf






Involvement type:


What support is offered?

You will be supported by WSA Community Consultants and the Crick’s Public Engagement Team to participate in this process and be an active PAP member.


£30 honorarium


Reasonable travel expenses in London and the surrounding areas. Food will be provided at the events.

Can the work be done from home?


Suitable for a beginner?