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Have your say: help improve the treatment for ADHD

Our research aims to understand who can benefit from ADHD medication.

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What: we want to do research to understand who can benefit from medication

Why: medications are effective but each individual is different and not all benefit

Who: we want to hear from adults or young people with ADHD/their carers

How: brief phone chat to tell us what you feel on the benefit of this research. No more than few min.

NOTE: This is a preliminary chat to inform the research design but, if interested, there will be opportunities to get involved in this research.

Date from

30th May 2024

Date to

1st August 2024




phone/online so no expenses required


University of Southampton

We are a group of psychiatrists working at the University of Southampton. We want to do research to improve ADHD treatment management.



Mental health


UK wide

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Identifying and prioritising

What support is offered?

this is an initial feedback, proper support will be offered to those that will get involved in this research at a later stage

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