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Help enhance the knowledge of research in the intensive care unit

We will develop a video and poster to inform the public about research in intensive care units (ICU)

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Findings from another study have shown that some patients/family members misunderstand research in the ICU. For example some are worried that researchers enrolled patients in dangerous studies without consent.

We aim to create a video and poster to explain ICU research, with input from ICU patients and family members. This will help to ensure that they are relevant and accessible.

We are looking for former patients/family members to help develop a video and poster to inform the public about research in intensive care units. You will take part in discussions about what the video and poster should include. You will also comment on their drafts. This will take place across 3-4 meetings; most via telephone.

The project would benefit from PPI reps with some experience of ICU care, but we appreciate that may be difficult to achieve (particularly as this project has a short time line – must be completed by July 2019). Applicants should be able to participate remotely, particularly via email, as draft storyboards and scripts will be sent electronically in Word docs.

Date from

8th January 2019

Date to

8th July 2019


University of Liverpool and ICUsteps

This project is run by the University of Liverpool, in collaboration with ICUsteps.

The project links to The Perspectives Study, also at the University of Liverpool, where we asked what patients and their family members thought about ICU research. We found that there were some misunderstandings about research.

ICUsteps is the intensive care patient and relative support charity. It is run by volunteers who are former ICU patients and relatives, as well as critical care healthcare professionals.





UK wide

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All of research

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Regular contact with primary researcher.


Yes - in line with INVOLVE guidelines


Yes - in line with INVOLVE guidelines

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