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Improving Care for People Taking Multiple Medicines

Complete a short online questionnaire to help shape research question

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Many older people who have multiple conditions are prescribed a lot of medicines.  These medicines can have side-effects and the benefit of taking them doesn’t always outweigh the risk. Our research study asks “Can we make people feel better if we stop unnecessary medicines, which are causing side-effects?”. We would appreciate response to our survey, on whether you think this is a useful question – and any other thoughts you have about how to care for those taking a lot of medicines.

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8th February 2019

Date to

8th July 2019


University College London Hospital

We run a "polypharmacy" service dedicated to those taking multiple medicines. We are embarking on some research and are looking for patient and public feedback on how this could best be conducted. At this stage we would be grateful to participants for completing a short online questionnaire, providing thoughts about the service and research question in general.



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All of research

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