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Could women - health issues of high BMI/ obesity and/or high blood pressure help us.

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Women with high body mass index or obesity and/or high blood pressure may be at risk of complications such as pre-eclampsia during their pregnancy. We are conducting a study exploring pre-pregnancy cardiovascular health. We aim to test interventions to lower blood pressure and improve heart health prior to pregnancy to optimise conditions for pregnancy. To help inform the development and design of the study we are plannng a 2 hour online discussion group with women who have these risk factors.

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25th November 2020

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10th January 2021


Imperial College London/ Imperial College Healthcare Trust

I work at Imperial College Healthcare Trust as a Research Midwife. I work in women's health research and currently ensure the patient's point of view is incorporated into our research.
My team at Centre for Fetal Care Imperial College London Healthcare Trust focus their research in maternal cardiovascular health.


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Reproductive health and pregnancy


UK wide

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We will offer Imperial College Patient Involvement training and provide individual support from our team.


We will provide hourly contribution costs as per NIHR Involve policy


We will provide wifi costs as per NIHR Involve policy

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