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Opportunity details

Join our committee on vaccine uptake in the general population guideline committee

We are looking for lay members to join our guideline committee.

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Full description:

We are looking for people who have an understanding of issues important to the public, gained through personal experience of vaccination programmes:
•as a parent of a child aged up to 16
•as a young person aged 16 to 25
•as a person who has given birth in the UK in the last 5 years
•or as an older person aged 70 or over.–vaccine-uptake-in-the-general-population-public-health-guidelines-committee

Date from

9th July 2019

Date to

5th August 2020


National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

NICE is the independent body that provides evidence based guidance to improve health and social care.



Children and young people
Health services and health delivery
Infectious diseases
Primary care
Public health
Reproductive health and pregnancy


UK wide

Involvement type:

All of research

What support is offered?

Support provided throughout the guideline development from the Public Involvement Programme at NICE.



Can the work be done from home?


Suitable for a beginner?