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Join Parents to Help Improve Operative Birth

We want to improve how operative birth is done and experienced, but can’t do this without you!

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Join us to hear about our research and passion for improving operative birth (involving instruments, from forceps to c-sections) and give your thoughts on how it should be done and how we can shape research with parents going forward.

This is a chance for anyone with experience of operative birth, across experiences and attitudes to technology, to join an informal and open chat about how to develop research relevant to you and involve parents more in future!

Date from

4th October 2019

Date to

11th October 2019


UCL Perinatal Care and Operative Birth Group

The group’s work specifically focuses on birth and birth emergencies, as well as perinatal death and brain injury prevention, aiming to optimise health and safety in pregnancy and birth for every parent.


Join Parents to Shape Experiences of Operative Birth.pdf



Reproductive health and pregnancy



Involvement type:

Identifying and prioritising

What support is offered?

None at this stage but the group will inform and feed into a properly supported, long term initiative.




Up to £15

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