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The Language of Risk-Taking in Bipolar (Clinical experience).

Qualitative interviews to learn about risk-taking in bipolar from people with clinical experience

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I’m looking for people who:

-Have clinical experience in treating people living with bipolar disorder eg. doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, nurse, CBT therapist, occupational therapist, social worker
-Have around 5 years of clinical experience

Participants will be asked to take part in a one-to-one interview to talk about risky behaviours and experiences of risk-taking from a clinical perspective.

Please see the attached advert for more information.

Date from

10th May 2022

Date to

10th September 2022


Lancaster University

The Spectrum Centre at Lancaster University conducts translational research into the understanding and psychological treatment of bipolar disorder and other related conditions. We actively encourage input from people who have experienced bipolar mood fluctuations, their relatives, friends, partners, carers and also individuals who are interested in mental health research.





Mental health


UK wide

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Designing and managing

What support is offered?

Participants will be invited to join Spectrum Connect which provides individuals who are interested in Bipolar Disorder and associated conditions with an opportunity to make valuable contributions to an innovative research portfolio.


£30 renumeration as voucher or payment.


Reasonable expenses for travel will be reimbursed where relevant.

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