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Local authority research bid

Opportunity to be involved in a bid for NIHR funding for a local authority research partnership

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London Metropolitan University is looking for a PPI co-applicant for a bid for NIHR funding to explore social care research in a London local authority. The role requires contributing to the bid and being part of the research team if funding is awarded (the research will be from September to December 2020). It would suit an experienced PPI rep with an interest in social care or local government.

This is an urgent call – input would be required over the next week.

Date from

30th July 2020

Date to

4th August 2020


London Metropolitan University

A university serving a diverse community and working to increase its research profile.



Public health
Social care



Involvement type:

All of research

What support is offered?

This is a 4 month project, so opportunities for training are limited. However, the team and the University will ensure that as much support as possible is available.


If the grant is awarded: approx. 4 days of work at £150 per day


Travel expenses, if face-to-face research meetings take place.

Can the work be done from home?


Suitable for a beginner?