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Members of the public are sought to help design Semi-Structured Interviews: Wearable activity monitors to track recovery after breast cancer treatment – Patient perspective

Members of public are sought who are interested in partnering with researchers.

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This project will evaluate the use of wearable activity monitors (wrist-worn sensors) in breast cancer patients to monitor recovery after treatment, their experiences post-treatment, and how can we improve the way we provide care for breast cancer survivors who develop arm impairments. The result of this study will be implemented in developing a sensor-based scoring system for early detection of complications and potentially creating a personalised rehab programme.

Date from

10th November 2020

Date to

28th November 2020


Imperial College London

The research is being performed by researchers at the Department of Surgery & Cancer at Imperial College London.


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UK wide

Involvement type:

Designing and managing

What support is offered?

Peer support


Reasonable payment for your time (£25 per hour) will be covered, as per our patient and public reward and recognition policy and an additional allowance of £5 per online activity.


Online meeting

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