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Modifiable factors affecting HIV PrEP access: a qualitative study to investigate co-design strategies to develop new PrEP delivery and accessibility recommendations in underserved populations in England

We are investigating ways to improve the access to HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), in England

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We are investigating ways to improve the access to HIV PrEP, in England for Black women. PrEP is a drug taken by someone who is HIV-negative before and after sex that reduces the risk of getting HIV.

If you decide to take part, you will be invited to a community space on two separate occasions to discuss in small groups your thoughts on the barriers and facilitators to PrEP access in England and to develop recommendations to address those factors. Discussions can also be held online.

Date from

16th November 2022

Date to

16th February 2023


Imperial College London

Imperial College London is a world top ten university with an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research.


Recruitment Poster - Black women v1.0.pdf



Health services and health delivery
Infectious diseases
Reproductive health and pregnancy


All of England

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Identifying and prioritising
Designing and managing

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Links to sexual health services will be provided


£50 for the first discussion (up to 90 minutes) and £75 for the second discussion (up to 3 hours)


Travel and childcare will be covered

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