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Mothers who can remember their labour needed!

We would like to interview mothers who have experienced labour pain and can remember it.

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This interview will help us develop a device that mimics labour contraction pain. We hope this can be used to test new pain medicines and management strategies in the future, to help women who are in labour. Participants will be asked to attend a 1-hour interview about their labour experience. This will be either F2F in the MSk Lab or via video call.

We are looking for women who are aged 18-40 and have delivered vaginally.

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15th February 2024

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30th April 2024




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MSk Lab at Imperial college

This research is being organised by the Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College London.



All of health care
Reproductive health and pregnancy


All of England

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The study will not benefit you personally, but the information we get might help us improve the quality of pain management we are able to offer to women experiencing labour pain and childbirth.

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