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Motivational interviewing trial for prevention of diabetic foot ulcers

Help us to design our new intervention and how to evaluate it in a small trial

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If you have diabetes and develop a foot ulcer, you are likely to develop more ulcers in future.

We want to further develop a psychological technique called motivational interviewing to help people with diabetes to look after their diabetes more effectively.

We would like your help to develop our motivational interviewing treatment, and how to evaluate it by testing whether it might work in a small trial, before we evaluate its effectiveness in a larger trial.

Date from

29th September 2021

Date to

5th November 2021


Glasgow Caledonian University

We are the Musculoskeletal Health Research Group and our main interests include the diabetic foot. We are a team of podiatrists, health professionals, and movement scientists and our work involves development and evaluations of treatments to address diabetic foot problems.





UK wide

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Identifying and prioritising
Designing and managing

What support is offered?

Support will be provided by the GCU School of Health and Life Sciences PPI group who will be able to provide support and advice.


Payment of £25 per hour will be offered for participation in either telephone based interviews, and/or for reviewing of our written proposal documents.


Out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed

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