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How ‘n-of-1’ trials can help evaluate treatments in individual patients

We are running an online workshop looking at the use of n-of-1 clinical trials

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N-of-1 trials use only one patient to compare treatment options and may be used when it is not possible to run a large trial. We are looking for people who:

– have a rare disease or other health condition that requires treatment
– people that have taken part in an n-of-1 trial previously

We will present findings from our literature review and invite you to share your own thoughts and experiences about how n-of-1 trials could/should be run, which will feed into an n-of-1 guidance document.

Date from

3rd June 2021

Date to

3rd July 2021


University of Sheffield - Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU)

CTRU is a UKCRC Registered Clinical Trials Unit providing high quality support in running clinical trials in line with international regulatory standards, from the planning stages right through to analysis and reporting.

This workshop is part of our DIAMOND project (Development of generalisable methodology for n-of-1 trials delivery for very low volume treatments) where we aim to generate clear guidance on when it is appropriate to run n-of-1 trials and how to overcome potential barriers.



All of health care


All of England

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Designing and managing

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The research team will be able to answer questions and provide support prior to and during the workshop





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