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New NIHR Policy Research Unit seeking people to join our advisory groups.

We’re looking for people interested in health and social care services to join our advisory groups

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Full description:

Are you
– Interested in questions of value for money, quality of care, coordination of health and social care?
– Willing to engage as a ‘critical friend’ with academic research?
– Able to travel to attend face-to-face meetings?

We’re looking for up to 6 people with experience and/or understanding of health and social care services in England to join our advisory groups in York and London. We may offer other opportunities for involvement too.
Application details are here:

Date from

24th June 2019

Date to

1st August 2019


NIHR Policy Research Unit in the Economics of Health Systems and the Interface with Social Care (ESHCRU II)

We are health and social care economists from the University of York and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

We have a 5-year programme of work funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

We use economics to help us understand the health system, and its overlap with social care. Our research mainly uses data and numbers (quantitative) and involves analysing large datasets.


PPI role description_ESHCRU-II.pdf



Health services and health delivery
Social care


Yorks & Humber

Involvement type:

Identifying and prioritising

What support is offered?

We will ask what support or training you need to carry out your role. We will offer to email, phone or meet you after each meeting to answer any questions. The Chair of the Advisory Group will ensure public members are included on an equal basis, and that any jargon is explained. We will ensure meeting rooms are accessible for you.





Can the work be done from home?


Suitable for a beginner?


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