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Non-Invasive Nerve Stimulation Device For The Treatment Of High Blood Pressure

Alternative method of treating high blood pressure that doesn’t involve drugs

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High blood pressure is the greatest health risk globally. For many patients, drugs don’t work and/or have horrible side-effects, also many patients don’t want to have to take drugs for the rest of their lives.
We are looking to develop an alternative method of treating high blood pressure that doesn’t involve drugs. This device based approach uses a mild electrical current to non-invasively stimulate the nervous system which has been shown produces fall in blood pressure lasting many weeks.

Date from

9th December 2019

Date to

9th February 2020


William Harvey Heart Centre and Afferent Electronics Ltd

The William Harvey Heart Centre at Barts is a world leading centre for developing and translating therapeutic innovation into new treatment for cardiovascular diseases. Afferent Electronics Ltd, set-up by leading researchers from University College London and the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, is collaborating with The William Harvey Heart Centre so that their ground-breaking technology can be developed and tested to provide a new blood pressure treatment to help patient live healthier lives.


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Stroke or cardiovascular disease



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Evaluating impact

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We have a healthcare professional who will work alongside and support out PPI representatives. Additional relevant training will be provided


Payment will be available for project related activities


All out of pocket expenses will be covered.

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