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Patient/Public Advisor – Maternal long term health conditions

Do you have personal experience of maternal long term conditions or does someone close to you?

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We want individuals with experience of maternal physical or mental long term health conditions. This is ANY condition that may; last 6 months or more or recur or need medication or may impact quality of life. This ranges from asthma, anxiety, eczema to diabetes or cancer.
We want individuals who have been affected by these, personally or as a relative, to help with; identifying the correct research questions, designing the research so that it’s relevant and accessible and communicate findings.

Date from

17th April 2024

Date to

1st May 2025


Per NIHR guidance


Direct reimbursement for expenses


University of Dundee

Research group within Dundee Dental School, University of Dundee.


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All of health care


UK wide

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All of research

What support is offered?

We have an established Dundee Dental PPI group who can offer peer support and we are able to provide training for all aspects of the project

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