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Patient Representative – Join our Grand Challenge Consortium

Personalized cancer medicine can be reality?

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Every person has his particular and unique genetic imprinting and a cancer treatment protocol could be suitable for one but not for another person. This can cause delay in finding the best therapy for patients. Our challenge is to find an innovative way to be faster in tailoring the suitable treatment approach. We need patient representatives to be involved also in the dissemination and understanding our research in order to make cancer a less scaring disease.

This project is quite challenging and for us it is important to know the opinion of the cancer patient advocates that could be involved both in the Steering Committee and as organizer of events to sensitize people about cancer prevention awareness and the progress on cancer treatment as well as spread the voice about the new frontiers in cancer research, in collaboration with the research team of the project.

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15th February 2018

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17th February 2018


University of Minho

The 3Bs Research Group (3Bs) was established in 1999. 3Bs is world-wide recognized for the development of novel biomaterials from natural polymers for applications in drug delivery and tissue engineering. 3Bs also coordinates the newly approved TEAMING initiative The Discoveries Center for Regenerative and Precision Medicine.





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All of research

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Training and mentoring on cancer treatments




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