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Patients who participated in clinical trials needed to help on study to reduce burden of trial participation

Patients experienced with trials to help design trials to reduce burden of trial participation

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Clinical trials are important to provide evidence for health care decision making. However, participating in a clinical trial might cause significant psychological and economic burdens to patients. We are interested in the use of telemedicine to reduce the burden of participating in clinical trials for patients.
We are looking for advice from patients who have experience with trial participation to advise us on the design and communication of the study. This will be done via teleconference.

Date from

8th September 2019

Date to

31st December 2019


University of Liverpool, University Paris Descartes

This is a part of an European Union funded project in the collaboration between the University of Liverpool and University Paris Descartes. The project aims to involve patients and public members in clinical trial planning to reduce the trial burden for patients.



Muscles, joints and bones
Respiratory disorders
Stroke or cardiovascular disease


[Not applicable]

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Designing and managing

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The researchers will be available to provide direct support





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