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Do you have any physical health problems for which you have received treatment?

Help us create a Common Mental Health Data Set in all physical health research

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GM Digital are working with people across the UK to create understanding and agreement about how to collect mental health data safely and easily in all clinical trials.

Information collected will bring additional patient benefits because researchers will be able to understand who does well and who doesn’t in a trial, based on their mental health and wellbeing.

A Study to Define and Embed a Common Mental Health Dataset in Research

Date from

7th January 2021

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14th March 2021


University of Manchester

GM Digital Research Unit; a unit at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust that is affiliated to The University of Manchester. We aim to develop digital technologies which support and improve the emotional and mental wellbeing of people across Greater Manchester and the UK.

This project includes PPI to ensure research and the resulting products remain relevant to patients and medical providers and will produce more effective and efficient medical diagnostics and treatment.





All of health care
Mental health
Public health


UK wide

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Identifying and prioritising

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£25 per 1 hour workshop


Workshops will be conducted online. We don't expect there to be any expenses for participants.

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