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Population Research UK (PRUK) – public perspectives workshop

Members of the public invited to attend workshop to give their perspectives on PRUK

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Population Research UK is a new research initiative that will seek to bring the data from individual longitudinal research studies together and make them more findable and accessible to research, and benefit from the additional research power that comes from combining and linking data.

In this workshop we would like to go through the proposals and recommendations for PRUK with you to find out more about the public perspective. Find out more on our opportunities to get involved page.

Date from

22nd July 2021

Date to

10th August 2021


Health Data Research UK

Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) are uniting to UK's health data to enable discoveries that improve people's lives. Our vision is that every health and care interaction and research endeavour will be enhanced by access to large scale data and advanced analytics.

HDR UK are scoping the development of Population Research UK (PRUK) on behalf of the Economic & Social Research Council, Medical Research Council and Wellcome.



All of health care


UK wide

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All of research

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Attendees will be taken through all relevant background information about Population Research UK to enable them to fully engage with the workshop.


No honorarium at this time.


No expenses.

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