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PPI Advisors needed for the PREdictors of COVID19 OUtcomeS (PRECIOUS)

We are looking for people who have had COVID-19 to advise us on long term problems after COVID-19

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The PRECIOUS project aims to describe the range of long-term outcomes experienced, predict poor recovery and additional support needs due to long-term COVID-19 problems.
Advice will be sought on experiences with COVID-19, long term outcomes that were important, analyses that would be informative and messaging, accessibility and paths to share findings most effectively.

Date from

7th September 2020

Date to

7th March 2021


The PRECIOUS Study Group

We are a group of healthcare professionals and researchers specialising in research including respiratory (breathing) conditions, infectious diseases, rehabilitation for long term conditions, statistics and care of older people. We have a wealth of experience in bringing information together. We are experienced at working in hospitals and clinics, helping people get back to their lives after serious illness and carrying out rehabilitation research.



Respiratory disorders


UK wide

Involvement type:

All of research

What support is offered?

No specific training is required; we want to hear your opinions on how best to make sure the research is relevant.


Funding is being sought to support participation


Funding is being sought to support participation

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