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Public contributor roles with NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility Executive Group

NIHR MCRF Executive Group Public contributor roles

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https://research.cmft.nhs.uk/facilities-services/clinical-research-facility; https://research.cmft.nhs.uk/facilities-services/public-programmes

Full description:

The NIHR Manchester CRF Executive Group is responsible for making decisions relating to the delivery of the MCRF objectives. Some of the roles of the group are as follows:

1. Overall management of the Manchester Clinical Research Facility
2. Co-ordination and integration of the three Clinical Research Facilities
3. Ensuring that the MCRF is greater than the sum of its parts.
We are looking for enthusiastic and committed members of the public to contribute to their views and perspectives

Date from

28th February 2017

Date to

28th July 2017


NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility; Public Programmes Team Central Manchester University Hospital's NHS Foundation Trust

Greater Manchester (GM) has three successful NIHR funded Clinical Research Facilities (CRFs) which have trialled research discoveries for the first time in humans through experimental medicine. Previously, these CRFs were funded separately. However, now working more closely together, the CRFs have recently been awarded £12.5m by the NIHR to fund:
o Cutting edge research space
o Highly trained staff
o Specialist equipment needed to develop and deliver pioneering new treatments





All of health care


North West

Involvement type:

All of research

What support is offered?

A training needs assessment will be undertaken to enable appropriate support to be provided to contributors.


£75 per meeting


Yes all travel expenses will be reimbursed

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