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Have you received care from the ambulance service for a mental health crisis or problem?

We are looking for people who have used the ambulance service in times of mental health crisis

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We are hoping to find people to review our project plan. It aims to determine and explain the experiences people have using the ambulance service for mental health problems and crisis. We would like help to shape the questions that will be used in the study interview. This is a student project and as such there will be no expenses payments made to those participating. It is expected that reviewing the literature will total no longer than a couple of hours over a period of 2-4 weeks.

Date from

1st November 2018

Date to

20th November 2018


James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

This is a student piece of work conducted by a research paramedic under the supervision of the UEA and RD department at the James Paget University NHS Foundation Trust



Mental health


All of England

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What support is offered?

Support will be offered by phone or email contact.


This is a student project and as such there are no funds for payment


Not applicable. All correspondence by email.

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