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RHEUmatic and musculoskeletal conditions: geographical MApping of Prevalence and outcomeS


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Rural areas present a significant challenge to delivering timely and equitable healthcare. Currently we don’t understand how Rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions(RMDs) are impacted by living rurally.
We need to understand how many people there are with RMDs living in rural versus urban settings, their health outcomes and the ways in which they use and access healthcare.
We would like people with RMDs living in rural areas to join our PPI group.

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19th November 2020

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19th January 2021


University of Aberdeen

Epidemiology Group is one of the major research groups within the Institute of Applied Health Science. Our main research focus is on the epidemiology, outcome and management of arthritis , pain, and musculoskeletal health. In our research we aim:
•To understand their epidemiology, with a focus on modifiable risk factors;
•To conduct trials of management with the goal of preventing onset or improving patient outcome; and
•To design, implement and evaluate health services for patients with these


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Muscles, joints and bones


UK wide

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All of research

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Patient partner involvement opportunities aim to be inclusive and accessible, training will be provided where required.


Reasonable payment for involvement activities will be met by the study grant.


Reasonable payment for involvement activities will be met by the study to cover your time and expertise.

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