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Rotation of the fetal head at full cervical dilatation

Members of the public required to review a research brief

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The HTA Programme is currently seeking a member of the public who has experience of rotation of the fetal head during delivery and who would be able to help assess the above-mentioned research brief. This is a potential area of research that we are hoping to eventually advertise for funding and we would very much appreciate your input. We anticipate that this should take approximately an hour of your time.

Date from

5th October 2017

Date to

19th October 2017


National Institute for Health Research Evaluation, Studies and Trials Coordinating Centre (NETSCC)

The NIHR, Evaluation, Trials and Studies (NETS) programmes, fund valuable independent research for health and social care decision makers. They are managed by the NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre (NETSCC), based at the University of Southampton.



Reproductive health and pregnancy


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