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Seeking advice about a new service for people with bipolar disorders to have more involvement in their care.

We're asking people with bipolar disorders to advise on a new digital service aiming to improve care

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A company called Fora Health are working with King’s to develop a new digitally enabled service to support people with bipolar disorders to be informed, empowered and engaged in their ongoing care. The service involved a patient facing app that shares information with their care teams. We are looking for 8 people with a bipolar diagnosis to help advise and give opinions about such a service, both generally and specifically. We are asking for a one-off online interview which takes about an hour.

Date from

25th June 2024

Date to

20th August 2024




n/a (online interview)


King's College London

University in collaboration with a company



Mental health


UK wide

Involvement type:

Designing and managing

What support is offered?

People who take part will receive £25 and will have the opportunity to find out some information about possible ‘next generation’ services that could help improve the experience of care for bipolar disorders. They will also be contributing to improve a service that is being developed to help improve this experience. We will later be doing further research which people may be able to take part in, if they wish, and we can inform people about the results of our research study later, if they wish.

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