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Seniors in the South East not living with family

We're seeking feedback on a potential new way for seniors to feel less isolated

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With families more dispersed than ever, it can be challenging for seniors to feel connected to remote loved ones.

We’re seeking feedback from seniors and family (in the South East) on a potential way for seniors to feel more connected to both people and places they love, through a new kind of video calling:

* 2 x 30 minute session with a senior in their home
* 2 x 45 minute session with a family member in their home

The sessions will be a mixture of interview and testing our experience.

Date from

21st January 2019

Date to

15th March 2019


The Astonishing Visit

Our mission is to help reduce the isolation of seniors by helping them feel more connected to both people and places they love with a totally new kind of video calling.

This new technology is like a virtual day out you can take with your family, wherever they are. For example, you could fly over the Alps together with your granddaughter. Or walk through New York City with your son.

We're currently conducting research with a small grant from Innovate UK.



Social care


South East

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What support is offered?

We're happy to help with any small task we can while we visit.


£25 per 30-60 minute session


Travel, if needed

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