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Sickle Cell Disease Research Proposal Reviewing Opportunity

HTA Programme seeking a Sickle Cell patient to review a research proposal from patient perspective

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We are looking for a Sickle Cell patient to review a research proposal where the research will be comparing different treatments for Adults with Sickle Cell Disease. The review is completed through our online system and will involve reading a paper focusing on the plain English summary and PPI sections. The proposal will be available to review approximately Thurs 26 March, and would ideally be completed by Fri 10 April. If you are interested, please send details of your experience.

Date from

7th February 2020

Date to

10th April 2020


National Institute for Health Research

The NIHR HTA Programme funds research about the clinical and cost effectiveness and broader impact of healthcare treatments and tests for those who plan, provide or receive care in the NHS. HTA research is undertaken where some evidence already exists to show that a technology can be effective and this needs to be compared to the current standard NHS intervention to see which works best.



Blood, immune system
Stroke or cardiovascular disease


UK wide

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Guidance notes are provided and support is available via email or telephone. A hard copy of the proposal and review form are also available on request.





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