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Statin use in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients and risk of exacerbations

Does taking statins reduce frequency of flare-ups?

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We are designing a study to find out whether people with COPD who take statins have fewer flare-ups than those who do not. The study will be based on a pre-existing database of GP patient records. If you have COPD or care for someone with COPD we would like you to help us. We want to talk about your personal experience of flare-ups and experience of using statins (if any) so that we can better understand the data that we have. We would like to telephone you, the call will last about 30 minutes.

Date from

12th January 2018

Date to

21st January 2018


Department of Primary Care Health Sciences University of Oxford

Our department conducts research on various aspects of the delivery of primary care. I work in a group which specialises in the analysis of a database of GP records (the CPRD).



Respiratory disorders


UK wide

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We will recompense you for your time, £10 for the interview



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