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Statins and cardiovascular or diabetes risk in the long-term: a retrospective cohort study using electronic health records.

Lay advisers are needed to help advise on the design and findings of this research

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Our study aims first to understand the association between long-term statins use and LDL cholesterol control. Then, we will verify how effective this control is to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Finally, we will examine if developing collateral diabetes is a real risk that needs to be tackled at the time statins are prescribed. The findings of our study will inform both prescribers and long-term users of statin.

Date from

8th January 2020

Date to

8th March 2020


University College London (UCL) / Research Department of Primary Care and Population Health

We are a team focused on delivering high-quality teaching and research in community-based primary care and public health for addressing the management and prevention of disease in individuals and populations in areas which are of priority to the health of the public.


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Primary care
Stroke or cardiovascular disease



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All of research

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Training (Workshop)


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Travel costs, refreshments at meetings and a small thank you gift (not monetary) for your time on completion of the project

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