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Support us to recruit and select the best people to work for the HRA

Support staff recruitment in the Health Research Authority

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We are looking for around 10 additional members of the public to register their interest to support staff recruitment.
Depending on your experience, interests & and skills, you could support recruitment in different ways. Some activities may take just half a day, whilst others may be two to three days’ work over one or two weeks.
See https://www.hra.nhs.uk/about-us/news-updates/support-us-recruit-and-select-best-people-work-hra/

Date from

19th January 2023

Date to

8th February 2023



The Health Research Authority (HRA) is one of a number of organisations that work together in the UK to regulate and approve different aspects of health and social care research. Our vision is for high quality health and social care research today, which improves everyone’s health and wellbeing tomorrow. We help realise this by making it easy to do research that people can trust.



All of health care


UK wide

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All of research

What support is offered?

A named member of the public involvement team will provide information about each activity and be available to answer your queries or respond to any concerns. The manager leading the recruitment will brief you on the role and discuss how to work well together.


£150 per day, £75 per half day and £25 for shorter tasks



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