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Survey – Help us develop a new clinical trial for lung cancer that is patient friendly

Share your thoughts on what we are posing to help us design our new clinical trial

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Despite the advances in treatment for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), some patients won’t respond to the current standard treatment available. We are interested in hearing your thoughts on how we want to go about proving this. We are starting by asking some questions that we hope will help us to develop a workable trial that is as patient-friendly as possible.

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10th October 2019

Date to

19th October 2019


Cancer Research UK

We offer opportunities for people who have been affected by cancer to help shape our work by sharing their experiences of diagnosis, treatment, and care with us. Their involvement in our work can provide us with invaluable insights that will help us develop our work, accelerate our progress and save lives.





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Identifying and prioritising

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