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Taking antibiotic tablets for spots: is there a problem?

Can the use of antibiotics for acne lead to antibiotic resistance?

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Contribute your ideas to a research project investigating antibiotics for acne and how they might lead to antibiotic resistance. We will use large amounts of information collected when people visit their GP to identify how antibiotics are prescribed for people with acne and if they might affect how antibiotics work for infections in the future.
We are looking for people with acne or people who have had acne in the past, or care for someone with acne to join our research group to contribute ideas

Date from

30th March 2021

Date to

1st June 2021


Skin Disease Epidemiology and Health Data Research Group at LSHTM

We are a group of multidisciplinary academics working on a diverse portfolio of epidemiology research, largely focused on skin disease. This work is funded by the NIHR to investigate the antibiotics we give for acne and antimicrobial resistance.


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All of health care
Infectious diseases
Primary care
Public health
Skin disorder/dermatology


All of England

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Identifying and prioritising

What support is offered?

We provide initial training, and ongoing support and mentoring from our research group that includes other patient representatives.


We will reimburse you for your time, consistent with the INVOLVE guidance. Those contributing to PPI steering group meetings to discuss ideas and review materials will be paid £50 per meeting each lasting about 1 hour (including pre-meeting preparation and post-meeting discussions, for up to 8 to 10 PPI representatives


In line with INVOLVE guidance, all out of pocket expenses for attending meetings will be covered for up to 8 PPI representatives. These include travel, food and subsistence as appropriate

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