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The ThrIVe-B programme for people experiencing Bipolar Mood Swings: A Feasibility Study

This study looks at a talking therapy programme (called the ThrIVe-B programme)

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Bipolar Disorder can affect people in different ways: some people experience mostly depressive episodes, others experience more “highs” (hypomania or mania), whilst others find their mood changes from day to day. What many people find though is that having powerful shifts in mood can sometimes make it difficult to live life to the full, and can be a source of difficulties in relationships with others.

This study looks at a new talking therapy for people who have Bipolar Disorder or Cyclothymic

Date from

13th February 2018

Date to

30th April 2018


NIHR, Exeter & Lancaster Universities; Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; Devon Partnership Trust

This is research is a collaboration between the Universities of Exeter and Lancaster and their NHS services and is funded by the NIHR.



Mental health


North West
South West

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What support is offered?

Patients in the therapy arm will be offered a place on the ThrIVe-B therapy programme described above. All participants will take part in research assessments over a period of 15 months.


Travel expenses will be covered for research appointments.


Participants will be refunded travel expenses for attending research appointments on request.

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